You’ve got to have a really good reason to change the name of a successful WordPress plugin. A really good reason.

With WP Listings, version 2.0 gave us that reason, IDX integration.

We’ve been working with the IDX Broker WordPress team to take WordPress for real estate to a whole new level. This “task force” has been working diligently to advance our plugins, Equity framework and themes.

This joint collaboration produced new versions of WP Listings and the IDX Broker WordPress plugin. These new versions form a family of plugins that can be used individually, but gain additional functionality when used together.

Think of Ironman, Captain America, and Thor. They are strong on their own, but become invincible when working together as The Avengers.

Just as The Avengers have a cool name, we wanted something similar for our plugins. Hence, the name change of WP Listings and the IDX Broker WordPress Plugin.

Introducing the IMPress Family

IMPress is new brand name for all Agent Evolution and IDX Broker WordPress plugins.

The latest version of WP Listings is now called IMPress Listings.

The IDX Broker WordPress Plugin is now called IMPress by IDX Broker.

Much simpler of a naming convention that hints at the fact that they all work together.

This is an Upgrade to WP Listings

Before you ask, this is a standard upgrade to WP Listings 1.2.3. Update the plugin as you would any other plugin (through the WordPress admin panel).

Second, you don’t need IDX Broker to use IMPress Listings. The functionality WP Listings users have grown to love can still be used on it’s own. Should you want to import listings from your MLS, you will need an IDX Broker account and the IMPress for IDX Broker plugin.

Finally, all premium templates will work with IMPress Listings as they did with WP Listings.

What’s New in IMPress Listings 2.0?

The Biggest Thing: Listing Import from IDX Broker

No more typing in listing information that you have already added to your MLS. With IMPress Listings and IMPress for IDX Broker, you can automatically import basic listing details.

Want even more listing content imported? Switch to our Equity framework for your WordPress website. A WordPress site running Equity, IMPress Listings and IMPress for IDX Broker can import full listing details.

Automatic Map Insertion

No more embedding a map into your listing pages. Enter the property’s latitude and longitude and a map is automatically added to the listing page.

Using IMPress for IDX Broker? Longitude and latitude is entered for you.


Find listings by taxonomy using filters in the WordPress admin.

More Property Fields

One of the most requested additions. We’ve added more property fields including country, half baths, garage, plus many others.

Property Display

Don’t want to show the price on a listing? Check a box and the price is hidden. That simple.

Enhanced Theme Compatibility

While we would love for you to use one of our Equity themes with IMPress Listings, we have made it easier to work with your favorite WordPress themes. The plugin now allows custom page wrappers to better fit your theme.

Contact Forms

Save time by adding a contact form to all listings instead of one at a time.

Flair for Developers

A lot of developer goodies came in WordPress 4.4, including API support. Developers looking to use the latest WordPress tools will love IMPress Listings.

We have built in WordPress API support for the listing post type. This will allow skilled developers to create their own applications around listing content.

There is also support for taxonomy term featured images. Assign an image for active properties, solds, featured listings, neighborhoods, or an other taxonomy you should create.


Like we said earlier, it takes a really good reason to change a plugin name. We think those are a few good reasons.

Enjoy IMPress Listings!


IMPress Listings Changelog:

= 2.0 =

  • Added: Listing importer for IDX Broker. Import your listings into WordPress! Import additional photos and data with Equity.
  • Added: listing_meta shortcode to output arbitrary listing meta data. e.g use listing_meta key=”price” to output price.
  • Added: Listing meta fields for lat/long, country, half bath, custom disclaimer, and others.
  • Added: Auto-map feature for listings with lat/long available. Option available to turn this off on single listings.
  • Added: Global option for default form shortcode.
  • Added: Option for a custom HTML wrapper to allow better compatibility with more themes.
  • Added: Support for WP core REST API. Listings and default taxonomy endpoints added. GET and POST supported. GET method returns supported listing meta data, filterable with wp_listings_allowed_api_meta_keys
  • Added: Listings admin menu filtering for default taxonomies: Status, Property Types, Locations
  • Added: Listings added to “At a Glance” Dashboard widget.
  • Added: Filter for additional details meta boxes using wp_listings_additional_details_meta_boxes
  • Added: Filter for imported listing photo gallery markup using wp_listings_imported_image_markup (Equity only)
  • Added: Support for featured images for listing taxonomy terms using term meta (WP 4.4+ required)
  • Added: Checkbox to hide price on individual listings and optionally enter price placeholder.
  • Added: Admin notice class.
  • Added: Support for List or Excerpt view in Listings Admin.
  • Added: Support for new heading hierarchy, post type and taxonomy labels in WP 4.4.
  • Updated: Font Awesome version to 4.5.0
  • Fix: Support taxonomy template overrides.
  • Fix: Support shortcodes in video field.

Feel free to contribute to this project on Github.

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    Thank you for this great plugin. It is really easy to import listings in WordPress from IDX broker with this to my WordPress website. I have only one issue, the plugin is not importing Lat/lang for the map into WordPress. Can you help with that?


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