When creating our TurnKey Complete website package, hosting was a major concern. We knew that a fast, reliable hosting solution was crucial to it’s success.

While we could have gone a number of directions, we wanted the best in the business. We wanted a managed WordPress hosting platform that provided quality service, plus tools that made website ownership simple. In our minds, there was only one choice, WP Engine.

WP Engine has become synonymous with managed WordPress hosting. It was the first company to provide this unique type of web hosting at any sort of grand scale, and they continue to be the best.

Here is why WP Engine was our first and only choice as a hosting partner for TurnKey Complete websites:


WP Engine is up to 4 times faster than the competition and also has a wide array of developer tools that can drastically shorten development cycles and make updates and backups easy. Built on their EverCache architecture, and utilizing multiple data centers with clustered and dedicated environments, WP Engine is able to deliver fast, reliable, and scalable sites. To ensure that your site is running the most current version of WordPress, WP Engine automatically upgrades your installs whenever minor patches are released. When a major update is released, they thoroughly test it before recommending that their customers upgrade.


WP Engine provides a highly-secure WordPress experience to every customer. From physical security at the data-center to protection against sophisticated exploits and customer separation at the kernel level. WP Engine blocks millions of attacks each day like DDoS and brute force attacks, but thousands of rule sets specifically tuned for WordPress identify and prevent attacks before they happen. WP Engine identifies vulnerable plugins and keeps them from being installed on their managed sites, and of course, they also block IP addresses identified as belonging to spammers or hackers. After all that if you still get hacked, WP Engine will fix it for free.


Breathe easy. Your data and customer experiences are preserved with “snapshot” backup and disaster recovery solutions. If you’ve ever hesitated to change your site out of fear of making a costly mistake, you’ll love snapshot backups. A snapshot is a backup of your WordPress site that takes only seconds to create, so you can easily backup your site before you make any change. Your snapshots can also act as restore points if you want to undo an action.

WP Engine is the most stable, secure, and lightning fast managed hosting platform on the internet that helps your site thrive amid high-traffic demands, suddenly changing markets, and unforeseen conditions.

We are proud to say that all TurnKey Complete websites are hosted on WP Engine.

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