There is a reason that WordPress powers so much of the Internet. They are never content with the status quo. The WordPress 4.6 update has arrived and with it there are many improvements, and a couple of things to look out for. Read up on what to expect and watch a tutorial from our technical support on how to get the latest updates for both WordPress and Equity.

There are many under the hood updates for the latest iteration of WordPress, but here are a couple of important updates to look at.

System Fonts

Instead of loading up extra font files and slowing down your experience, WordPress will now work with your native system fonts. This may make your dashboard look a little different depending on the operating system that you are working on, but the over all speed increase will be beneficial.

Link Validation

Say goodbye to broken links due to simple typos. In visual mode, WordPress will now automatically check to see if your added links are valid. If it cannot validate a link, the text on hover will turn red, instead of the traditional blue.

These and the other improvements made by WordPress are great, but you will need to update Equity to enjoy these updates. Here is a quick tutorial from Allen that walks you through the upgrade process.


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