We’ve used AgentPress to display listings on agent websites for years, but it’s not without it’s shortcomings, so we created the WP Listings plugin to add the features we were looking for. In doing so, it was imperative that we make it easy to switch from using AgentPress Listings to the WP Listings plugin without losing data or breaking your site.

Download WP Listings from wordpress.org →

Making the switch is a fairly easy process for nearly all users. First, install and activate the WP Listings plugin, then deactivate the AgentPress Listings plugin.

If you have a custom designed theme built around AgentPress, the switch may require some tweaks, but overall the switch is pretty seamless.

Using the built-in templates

The AgentPress theme, and all themes by Agent Evolution, include 3 templates within the theme that control how listings display.

  • single-listing.php – to control how single listings are displayed
  • archive-listing.php – to control how listing archive and listing search pages are displayed
  • taxonomy.php – to control how listings in a custom taxonomy are displayed

To display listings using the new templates within the plugin (recommended) you’ll need to remove these templates from your theme folder. We recommend making a backup of these files in case you would like to restore them.

If you’d like to continue using the templates included in your theme so they look the same, do nothing. Templates within the theme take precedence and will be used instead of those within the plugin. However, you may want to disable the CSS file that’s loaded so those styles don’t interfere with your theme’s styles which can be done in the plugin settings.

Using the widgets

If you’re using the Featured Listings widget in your theme, you’ll need to replace it with the WP Listings – Featured Listings widget. Just drag and drop into the same widget area you previously had the AgentPress widget. There are some new settings that you can tweak to control which listings display and if they should display in columns or not. Again, your theme may include CSS to control how the featured listings widget displays. The WP Listings widget attempts to be compatible with most themes, but if you prefer how your theme displays the listings, you can also disable the widget’s CSS in the theme settings (because this widget displays more data, it will require CSS to hide the new fields).

Resize featured images

One last note is related to the thumbnail images used on archive pages and the Featured Listing widget. The thumbnail sizes used in WP Listings are a larger size (for high dpi/retina displays and responsive scaling), so you’ll want to regenerate the thumbnail images used for your listings. Install the plugin Regenerate Thumbnails, and once installed visit the Tools > Regen. Thumbnails page and click the button to resize your featured images.

Let us know if you have any questions on making the switch in the comments below. If you have any technical issues, please post your question to the wordpress.org support forum.

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