The evolution of our real estate listing plugin, WP Listings, continues. First we added premium listing templates to allow the property details pages of your site to look like single property websites. Very cool! Now, we have added shortcodes to the free plugin to allow your listings to be added throughout your website.

No longer are the properties in WP Listings limited to widget areas and plugin-generated pages. Through the use of new shortcodes, listings can be added to any page or blog post in your WordPress website.

This new feature allows you to showcase your listings in many creative ways:

  • Blog about a listing and add the single listing shortcode.
  • Display your active and sold listings for each area on community specific pages. (Shows you are experienced in that neighborhood)
  • Include your active listings on a buyer’s page.

How To Use The Listings Shortcode

Basic usage
Just enter the following shortcode on any post or page


Advanced usage
The shortcode accepts the following parameters:


= listing post id (accepts one or more id’s), exclusive, cannot be combined with other parameters, except for columns


= limit the number of posts to show, defaults to all


= display output in columns, accepts values 2-6, default is 1 column


= taxonomy to display (must be used with the term parameter)


= term to display (must be used with the taxonomy parameter)

Example advanced usage

[listings taxonomy="status" term="active" limit="10" columns="3"]

This will display all listings in the “Status” taxonomy, assigned to the “Active” term, limited to 10 listings, in 3 columns.

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