It is no secret how important we feel photos are to the success of your website. Photos add personality and help to tell your story. They also make your content more inviting as a website with only text would be a bear to read.

In a recent blog post, we shared 4 WordPress plugins to add stock images to your website. We now have a 5th plugin to share with you, Canva.

Canva is much more than a plugin for adding photos. It is a graphic design tool.

With Canva you can add your own text and graphics to create unique images. Upload your own photos or use photos from their vast library. Many of the one million stock images are free while others are only $1.00.

The featured image for this blog post was created for free using Canva. We used one of their existing layouts and changed the text. Within a few minutes, we had the graphic ready and in our blog. Best of all, we never left the WordPress admin.

Once you install the plugin, it adds a button to your post editor next to your standard Add Media button. (See picture below)



Clicking that button opens the Canva editor. It walks you through a 23 second tour and away you go. Drag and drop layout out, text and other graphic elements to your workspace. It is that easy. When done, click the Publish button and your finished image appears in your blog post.

The Canva Editor
The Canva Editor

If you fall in love with Canva (and we think you will), go to the Canva website to see what else you can create. They have layouts for real estate flyers, Facebook cover images, Twitter headers, business cards and much more.

Canva could change more than your website. It could change the look of all of your marketing materials.

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