Shortcodes were such a hit in the WP Listings plugin, that we thought it only natural to add them to our Genesis Agent Profiles plugin.

Now, you can add agent profiles to any page or post using simple shortcodes. Include 1 agent, specify multiple agents or show everyone in your company.

The uses for this new feature are limitless, but here are a few ideas:

  • Include an agent profile on community pages to showcase a neighborhood expert.
  • Place your buyer agent’s profile on the Buyers page of your site.
  • Close a blog post with an agent profile instead of the theme’s author box.

How To Use Agent Shortcodes

To display all agents:


To selectively display only certain agents:

[agent_profiles id="$post_id"]

$post_id is the ID number of each agent post, separated by comma if more than one. You can find the ID by editing the agent and looking in your browser’s address bar for post=##.

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