Google’s goal has always been to recommend the best, most relevant websites in their search results. This leads to more visitors, which leads to increased ad revenue. But, a lot has changed with search engine optimization (SEO) in the past few years.

While keywords and backlinks are still important factors for search results placement, the game has gotten more complex – Google has become much smarter.

Algorithm changes, like those introduced in 2016’s RankBrain update, have made visitor behavior a factor in how websites place in Google searches. Now, your real estate website is judged by its average bounce rate, clickthrough rate, and dwell time (time on site).

These determining factors make perfect sense. It’s easy to assume that if visitors stay on a website for a long time, it must be offering valuable content. Since Google is actively looking for quality sites, it’s likely to rank well in search results.

Improve Real Estate Website Engagement

A single click of an internal link can change engagement rates. Going to that second page decreases the bounce rate, while increasing clickthrough rate and dwell time.

For real estate agents who blog, getting that additional click can be easy. Simply recommend relevant content by adding a “Related Posts” WordPress plugin.

Bibblio Related Posts Plugin

There are numerous options for adding related posts to your site. Popular options are Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) and the Jetpack plugin’s Related Posts.

Unfortunately, after extensive use of both plugins, we determined that neither met our requirements. They either made the site load slower, or were too rigid to work well on a real estate website. We were getting pretty discouraged until we came across Bibblio.

Bibblio met (and exceeded) our expectations:

Bibblio related posts module


Bibblio admin panelQuick website load times are imperative for site visitors, they’re also a very important factor in Google search results.

Plugins that do all their work directly on your site bogs down the server resulting in a slow loading site. Bibblio does all of the processing on their platform, limiting any impact on website performance.


Rather have related posts in the middle of a blog article or moved off to the sidebar? Bibblio offers widgets and shortcodes for that very purpose.


Change things up a bit. Boasting over 150 different configurations, Bibblio allows you to choose the layout, image shape, and additional effects.

Bibblio module designer


Present your featured listings on relevant blog posts. Configure Bibblio to work with our IMPress Listings plugin to add your listings to the related posts module.

Bibblio statistics


Bibblio is a paid service that offers a free tier. With 25,000 recommendations per month, the free tier will work for most real estate blogs.


You’re constantly competing against Zillow and Trulia for search engine relevance. Luckily, if you’re blogging on your real estate site, it means you’re already taking the time to generate unique content and improve your SEO. Add Bibblio to your blog for an extra boost and give your real estate website every opportunity to stand out in Google search results!

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