Anyone who has had the task of updating content on multiple pages in WordPress knows that it can be a slow process. It entails navigating back and forth from the “All Pages” page to the individual pages for editing. That means loading 2 pages for every edit. Frustratingly slow at times.

jumppagescreenThankfully, a new, FREE plugin has been released that makes content management much quicker. That plugin is called JumpPage.

JumpPage adds 2 elements to your page and post editing screens in the WordPress admin. The first element is a navigation at top that exactly matches your site’s menus. The second is a sidebar dropdown listing all posts or pages in your site.

No longer do you need to bounce back to the list of all pages to get to the next page to be edited. Simply choose the page from JumpPage and go directly there.

Now, you can spend more time writing and less time waiting for pages to load.

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