The simplest way to keep people on your website is to present them with relevant content. Easier said than done, right?

How are you supposed to know what each site visitor wants when they get to your website? You don’t even know who they are.

There is one thing your website knows about each visitor, their location, and you can do a lot with that.

Introducing The GeoIP Plugin From WP Engine

Our friends over at WP Engine have been working hard on a system to make it easier for website owners to serve up relevant content based on visitor location. With their WordPress plugin and a WP Engine hosting account, you could identify content to show for a particular location. Essentially, “if the visitor is in San Diego, show this content”.

We first heard about the new tool last Fall at WordCamp SF while attending a cocktail party hosted by WP Engine. The thought of location-based content was so intoxicating that it was all our team could talk about on the way home from the conference. Unfortunately, we would have to wait several months for it to hit the market.

Plugin Released But Only For Premium Accounts

We were elated when we got the news that the GeoIP plugin had been released to the repository. Our excitement was immediately squashed when we found out that only the top level hosting plans would get the feature. That priced nearly all real estate agents out of the market for the powerful tool.

In Comes TurnKey Complete

While most real estate agents using WP Engine have an entry level account, our hosting for TurnKey Complete clients is one of those premium accounts that has the GeoIP feature.

Because of this, all TurnKey Complete clients can take advantage of this awesome tool.


GeoIP Support Built Into Equity

In a recent Equity update, we quietly added GeoIP support to take this tool to the next feature. TurnKey Complete clients will now see special fields in Equity widgets to show those widgets only to visitors in a specific location.

Get Creative With Your IDX

The possibilities for using location-based content in a location-based industry like real estate are endless.

Let’s say you service the communities of Del Mar, Oceanside, and San Marcos. Create saved searches for each of those cities in your IDX Broker account. Then, use Equity IDX widgets to display each of those saved searches on the homepage. Be sure to choose the option to only show each widget for a particular city and enter the city. Only the widget for the city that the visitor is in will show on the homepage. Brilliant!

For more information on using this amazing tool, check out our Learning Center lesson: GeoIP – TurnKey Complete Sites Only

Play around with it and have some fun. We’re certain you will be as excited about the possibilities as we are.

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