Remember how difficult it was finding properties before the advent of GPS? It usually meant a lot of fumbling through a Thomas Guide to locate the house, followed by guessing the best route to get there. Now, it’s as simple as entering an address and following the turn-by-turn instructions.

We’ve taken this same approach by adding an interactive tutorial system to all TurnKey websites.

This new system provides step-by-step instructions for the most used features in WordPress. Just like Google Maps, visual and audio queues are given to help you complete the task at hand. This makes learning to use your TurnKey website easier than ever before.

Real Actions, Not Practice

Our new interactive tutorials are different. They instruct you from your TurnKey admin panel as you follow along and do actual work on your website.

Need to get the direct link to an image in your Media Library? Fire up the tutorial. It will guide you straight to that link.

Choose A Topic

There are a couple of ways to access the tutorials. The first is to browse through a list of categories. Find the task you are trying to perform and click the title. The tutorial will start with a quick audio explanation followed by the prompt-based walk through.

Popular topics include:

  • How to create and edit pages/posts
  • Uploading and editing files to the Media Library
  • Using the Custom Menu widget
  • How to add an external link to a menu
  • Change the meta title of the homepage

Click A Hotspot

Another way to initiate a walk through is to click on a “hotspot”. Hotspots are easy to locate. They are red circles with a small fire icon in the center.

You’ll find hotspots throughout the admin panel. They appear next to buttons, links, drop-down menus, and text fields. Clicking on a hotspot icon will provide valuable information on how something works or why you would use it.

Full Control

Need to step away from your desk, pause the tutorial. Miss something important, restart it. Think you’ve got the gist, stop it. Better yet, hide the system completely. You have full control.

Give It A Try

The interactive tutorial system has been added to all TurnKey client sites. It added a “Click for Help” button in the bottom left corner of your admin panel. As the button says, click on it and take your first tutorial. You are going to love it.

Don’t have a TurnKey website? Sign up for a free 30-day trial.

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