In this first installment of our IDX series, we look at one of the most fundamental of IDX features: the saved search.

Otherwise known as a saved link, the saved search makes finding a home simple for the site visitor. This is because the work has already been done by the real estate agent. All they have to do is click on a link to find what they want. Much simpler than running a full search.

Saved searches should be added throughout your website. Community pages should have several links based on price range and home characteristics. Buyer pages are another great place to offer the most common searches.

The best way to determine what saved searches to add to your site is to look at your daily interactions with buyers. Write down the searches you perform on a regular basis for your buyer clients. Those most common searches should most definitely be a click away on your website.

If you aren’t taking advantage of saved searches on your website, you are definitely not taking full advantage of your IDX service. Watch this video and start adding links to your site immediately.

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