Ready to get fancy and put on the ritz? Agent Evolution is proud to announce that premium listing templates are now available with each Equity theme purchase. You can dress up your listing pages like never before. The best part is, this is a $60 retail value for free. Looking good never cost so little.

Free Premium Templates

The IMPress Listings plugin works great with your Equity based site. With IMPress Listings you can import listings into your site as WordPress posts. This allows you to feature some of your more high profile properties as though they are single property websites. These new templates let you elevate these listings even further. Put your own style on your individual listings with this added value package.

Equity themes now come with listing templates installed. For existing Equity theme users, you can upgrade your theme to a version that includes the templates by visiting your account page on To use these themes, just make sure that you have the free IMPress Listings plugin. Templates can be used on as many listings as you like to show off your properties with style.

“Why go through the expense and hassle of creating single property websites when IMPress Listings Templates give the same impression with a fraction of the effort?”

All 5 templates Included

Pick the template that best fits your style and your site. Each template offers a different design to fit the look of any listing. From Classical, to Solid, to Luxurious, you’ll always have the right attire for every occasion.

luxurious600 solid600 classical600 elegant300spacious-template

We hope that these templates will make your real estate site even better. Dress up the listings on your website and then go out for a night on the town while your site works for you 24/7/365.

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One thought on “Get Fancy with Free Premium Templates for Equity

  1. Sommer C. says:

    I have tried all of these templates and unfortunately, they don’t include agent info on them in a prominent manner (preferably at the footer) and the map is not used in them.

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