Busy real estate agents have no time to build a website or babysit that site once it is up and running. Get your site working for you 24/7/365 while you spend your valuable time doing what you do best…selling real estate. Agent Evolution knows what you need to run a real estate business without all the unnecessary technical battles. With that in mind, we’ve created the next stage in real estate website packages – TurnKey 2.0.

Sign up now for a new TurnKey website and see the following benefits:

A simplified dashboard

WordPress is great. It powers a large part of the Internet for everything from financial websites to summer camps. One reason that we’ve chosen to build on WordPress is because of the inherit open nature of the framework. But when it comes to bringing your real estate website to the light of day, you don’t need to see all the options that a designer might need for a waffle house or pet salon. We simplified your workflow by taking the WordPress dashboard and redesigning it for real estate needs. Everything you need to manage your site on a day to day basis is front and center when you sign in. Log in and immediately get to work without all the clutter.

Easy drag and drop page creation

drag n dropMake your site unique without hours of work or hiring a full time designer. With the new TK designer, build pages with drag and drop simplicity. Add widgets or forms placed exactly as you’d like without guesswork or confusion.

Managed hosting with hands off updates

Having a site with outdated plugins and themes is not only a hassle, but it can be dangerous. Security updates not applied can cripple a website. Now you don’t have to worry about which plugins to update and whether or not these will work with your existing site features. Agent Evolution will take care of the hosting and regular updates necessary to keep your site current, up-to-date, and safe.

Powered by IDX Broker

When it comes right down to it, a beautiful website does little good if it doesn’t bring results. Show your potential buyers the information that they need to make an informed decision and choose the perfect property. IDX Broker takes care of updating this information on a regular basis so that you don’t have to constantly add new properties to your site manually.


Take your business to the next stage now at AgentEvolution.com.

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