We released the Genesis Agent Profiles plugin just over 6 months ago with the aim of allowing site owners to create a directory of agents within their team. Since then, we’ve had over 1,800 downloads and have received a ton of positive feedback, as well as numerous feature requests.

One of those feature requests included the ability to add custom taxonomies to the profiles that would allow users to segment the types of profiles in the directory. As of version 1.0.9, this is now possible! For example, you can create a taxonomy of “Positions” and create terms for each position (i.e. Agents, Brokers, Administrative, etc.) and each will have it’s own URL to display just those positions. Or if you have multiple locations, you could create a Locations taxonomy and each would have their own URL for persons in that Location. The possibilities are endless!

However, the most requested feature was the ability to connect the Agent Profiles to AgentPress Listings. We’re happy to announce that with the latest version (v1.1) this is also possible! Now, if you have the Genesis Agent Profiles plugin and the AgentPress Listings plugin installed, you will be able to display the agent’s listings on their individual profile. Plus, each property listing can now display the listing agent.

If you don’t already have the Genesis Agent Profiles plugin, go ahead and download it now!
AgentPress Listings displayed on an Agent Profile
AgentPress Listings displayed on an Agent Profile

To make this feature possible, we utilize another plugin that connects different post types on the backend and displays them on the front end, called Posts 2 Posts. You’ll need to install and activate that plugin for this feature to work. After activation, it works out of the box for the agent profiles. In order to display the connected agents on single property listings, it requires a small bit of configuration, detailed below:

To connect the Agent Profiles with your AgentPress Listings:

The following steps will allow you to connect your Agent Profiles to listings added using the AgentPress Listings plugin.

  1. Install and activate the Posts 2 Posts plugin. Also make sure the AgentPress Listings plugin is installed, activated, and listings exist.
  2. Once activated each listing and each agent profile will have a “Connected…” sidebar widget on the Edit screen. Use this to connect them by clicking the plus sign next to each post you want to connect to the current post. This is reciprocal and only has to be done on one of the two post types.
  3. Single Agent Profiles will automatically display connected listings.
  4. The plugin includes a single-listing.php template that will be used if no single-listing.php exists in the child theme. If your theme already includes a single-listing.php template, to display connected agents on single listings, you must do one of two things:

Option 1
Delete the single-listing.php in your child theme and the plugin’s template will be used instead. Make a backup of this file in case you need to restore it!

Option 2
Edit your child theme’s single-listing.php and include this code to display connected agents:

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