Offering great IDX features in WordPress themes is what put Agent Evolution on the map.

It started with our Turn Key Legacy theme that offered simpler IDX Broker integration, styling and special widgets. It was such a success that we introduced 2 other Turn Key themes with similar IDX functionality.

Since the IDX features in Turn Key themes were such a hit with customers, we had to add them to the Equity framework. But this time, we did it even better.

How did we do it better? Unlike Turn Key themes that required an IDX Broker account, Equity makes the IDX features optional. That means you can go without an IDX or use another provider. But once you see what Equity adds to IDX Broker, you’ll want to pair it with a Platinum or Lite account.

6 IDX Broker Specific Widgets

When you add an IDX Broker account to Equity, 6 new widgets appear.

These widgets go above and beyond the standard IDX Broker plugin widget in some way. It may be through new features or more consistent styling with your theme.

1.1.widgets-must-see_quick search

Quick Search

Choose between horizontal and vertical search form layouts.


City Links

Offer a custom list of cities linked to available MLS listings.


Property Carousel

Rotating, touchscreen-sensitive display of MLS listings.


Property Showcase

Display MLS listings horizontally or stacked vertically.


Lead Login

Provide return visitors quick access to their saved searches.


Lead Signup

Encourage website visitors to register for a home search account.

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