It isn’t a delicious summertime treat, but it is just as good. Equity 1.3 has been released with a slew of new features including support for the Shortcake plugin.

What is Shortcake? It is a plugin that makes shortcodes easier to use. Instead of having to remember and type Equity shortcodes into your WordPress pages, Shortcake gives you clickable list of available shortcodes.


Want to add a call-to-action button? Use Shortcake. Need icon boxes on a page? Use Shortcake.

Better yet, Equity child themes have been updated for Shortcake, too. With the update, the shortcodes you drop into the editor will look more like how they will appear on the page.

Updates in Equity 1.3

While the Shortcake support may be our new favorite Equity feature, there is a lot more in 1.3. New features include improved IDX Broker sitemap support to get the most SEO out of your home search.

Check out the full list of changes in version 1.3:

  • New: Support for Shortcode UI via Shortcake plugin for all content shortcodes (See:
  • New: Added Shortcake as a recommended plugin
  • New: Author box feature to optionally display author bio on posts
  • New: Redirect to custom feed URL in Theme Settings
  • New: Field added for IDX Broker listings sitemap XML
  • New: Shortcode added for [idx_sitemap] to output link to IDX sitemap
  • New: Phone number option added to IDX Lead Sign up widget
  • New: [agent_phone] and [agent_email] shortcodes modified to accept icon parameter (accepts Font Awesome icon CSS classes)
  • Enhancement: Removed app.js to reduce HTTP requests. app.js now merged with theme.js.
  • Fix: Bug that would reset settings saved in Customizer

Upgrade Process for Equity Child Themes

To take full advantage of the new features in Equity 1.3, you will need to update your Equity child theme.

The child theme must be updated prior to updating Equity.

If you haven’t changed any code in the theme, upgrading is simple. Follow these instructions:

  1. Download new theme zip file from My Account on
  2. Login to WP Dashboard, visit Appearance > Themes
  3. Activate Equity parent theme
  4. Delete old child theme version
  5. Upload new child theme zip and Activate

Note: Any customizations made to files in the child theme will be overwritten. Other Custom CSS, Customizer options, widget settings made through the admin will remain in place.

For users who have modified the theme files and want to keep their customizations have two options:

1. Add the following line to functions.php (will be deprecated in Equity v2.0):
wp_enqueue_script( 'foundation-app' );


2. Add the following line to the top of the /lib/js/theme.js file already in the child theme:
* If a theme.js file does not exist in the child theme (i.e. Move-in Ready), then create a theme.js in the aforementioned directory and add this line:

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