When we launched the WP Listings plugin, we made one major distinction between it and other listing management plugins. That distinction was that the individual property pages could be made to look like single property pages.

There is a simple beauty in this idea. By having pages on your website look like single property websites, you don’t need to build and maintain sites for each of your listings. Just add your listings to your main website as you normally do and point a domain to the listing page. Voila, instant single property single!

Introducing Listing Templates

The final piece to our plan to revolutionize single property websites has been completed with the release of 5 new Listing Templates.

These templates work with the WP Listings plugin to offer choice in the layout and style of your listing pages. Now you can select the best look to showcase each of your listings.

Each template is mobile responsive making for a great presentation on smartphones and tablets. Perfect for providing information to potential buyers as they pass your listing.

Bundle Pricing

We price each Listing Template cheap enough to make the purchase decision easy.

Individual Listing Templates are only $11.99. The WP Listings plugin is free. That means you can get started for less than $12.

Buy multiple Listing Templates and really save. Buy 3 templates and save $2 a template. Buy 5 and save $4 a template.

With 5 templates out now and many more to come, you can make each listing page look as unique as the homes themselves.

Update: Listing Templates are now included with each Equity child theme at no additional cost. Individual purchase is no longer available.

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