Moving forward with our commitment to the fantastically versatile WP Listings plugin, as of today, we’ve updated all our themes to date making them fully compatible with WP Listings out-of-the-box.

What does “fully compatible” mean?

In the theme updates, making them “fully compatible” means that if you’re using the WP Listings plugin, your theme will now use the templates that come with the plugin to display listings with no extra work needed.

Before WP Listings, we relied on using the AgentPress listings plugin to display listings in our themes. Because of this, templates we’re included in each theme that control how listings display on your site. With WP Listings, those templates are no longer needed (however, future themes may include custom templates designed specifically for the WP Listings plugin).

Still using AgentPress?

We understand a small number of you have either customized your AgentPress plugin, or would like to continue using AgentPress, so in this case we’ve made it easy to do so.

The updates haven’t actually removed the AgentPress listing templates, but simply renamed them so they are not used by the WP Listings plugin. To keep using AgentPress, all you have to do is rename your templates back to the original name. There are three templates in your theme’s root folder to rename:

  • archive-listing-agentpress.php → archive-listing.php
  • single-listing-agentpress.php → single-listing.php
  • taxonomy-agentpress.php → taxonomy.php

Rather switch to WP Listings now? Read our article on switching to WP Listings.

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