Thanks to the social media trend of #ThrowbackThursday (or #tbt), what’s old is cool again! With that in mind, when we came across some photos from the 2009 REBarCamp in San Francisco, we just had to share.

If you’re not familiar, REBarCamp provided a forum for those in the real estate industry to connect and share ideas. This “un-conference” had no predetermined agendas or presentations. Attendees simply signed up to lead a discussion on a topic of their choosing… very different from the huge real estate conferences of 2018.

To refresh your memory- in 2009 social media and blogging were in their infancy and mobile technology was coming into play with the release of the iPhone just 2 years before. The conversations and ideas that occurred at this event were pure magic!

Over the years, real estate marketing has grown by leaps and bounds- but looking at these pics, we’re nostalgic – those were some exciting times!

Have memories of REBarCamp that you would like to share? Leave them in the comments below.

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