It is no coincidence that the word “evolution” is in our company name. When we started this company, we knew that we were in a fast moving industry where change was the norm. Calling ourselves Agent Evolution was a realization that we would be evolving constantly to stay ahead of the curve.

The latest aspect of our business to evolve is our affiliate program. The recent changes made are geared toward increased affiliate partner success.  We think you will really like the new program.

Higher Commissions

A lot has changed since we launched our affiliate program last year. Back then we sold just 3 themes. Now we are up to 8 themes plus website packages and listing templates.

With all of this growth, we are finding that our flat rate commission no longer makes sense.

In order to better motivate our affiliates, we have changed our commission payout to 20% of total sales. That means a cool $80 on a single website purchase referral!

New Affiliate System

When we launched our affiliate program, we chose Ambassador to track our affiliate sales and payouts. That system has proven too cumbersome and not a good fit for us.

We have switched to AffiliateWP instead as it integrates directly into our site and provides a much simpler experience for our affiliates.

Registration takes less than a minute and you can start earning commissions immediately.

What are you waiting for? Become an affiliate and start getting paid.

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