Over the last 6 years, we’ve worked with passionate real estate professionals around the country who were looking to stand apart. And thanks to our great clients, we’ve learned a lot while building over 1400 custom WordPress sites.

That knowledge and experience led us to launching our theme shop. And now just a little over a year later, we are thrilled our themes and install services are giving agents an affordable option to market their business successfully online.

A New Direction

The success of our theme shop has created many new opportunities and a blueprint for our future we are very excited about! And so, we have decided theme design and development is the direction we will continue to focus on. We will not be taking on new custom projects, and instead will devote all our time toward continuing to build the best WordPress themes for the real estate industry. In fact, we recently launched 4 new themes and updated install services!

New Opportunities

Agent Evolution Co-Founder, Nicole Nicolay, who has been instrumental in educating real estate professionals about WordPress and digital marketing is moving on. After traveling for nearly a decade to train and speak to over 200,000 agents nationwide, Nicole is looking forward to new opportunities close to her home in Livermore, California. On April 1, 2014, Nicole sold her ownership to President and COO, Chad Johnson and has resigned as Chief Creative Officer. You can follow Nicole’s new adventures in real estate (and in life in general) on her personal blog.

Co-Founder Chad Johnson, is now joined by new owner, Dave Bonds. Having been with Agent Evolution since 2009 as Director of Web Design, Dave is well equipped for his new role as Chief Technical Officer and co-owner.

Since starting with Agent Evolution over 4 years ago, I’ve been happy to help real estate professionals reach their goals through their web presence. Now as owner and CTO, I’m excited to bring those years of experience to a much wider audience by building products that appeal to agents, brokers, and firms of all kind at a much more accessible price point, and of course, continuing with the quality of design, functionality, and support that our clients have come to know and love.
Dave Bonds, CTO

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