IDX Broker Features

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    The Equity Framework includes IDX Broker features that are unlocked after entering your Equity API key in the theme settings and entering the IDX Broker API key in the IDX Broker plugin settings.


    The Wrappers post type is used to create “wrappers” for the IDX Broker content on your site. Wrappers are a copy of your site’s header, footer and sidebar so that the IDX Broker content matches your site. Using the Equity Wrappers instead of the default wrapper included in the IDX Broker plugin allows you to easily add content such as branding above the IDX Broker content and makes it easy to assign different wrappers to different IDX Broker pages.

    1. Hover over “Wrappers” in the left menu until a sub-menu appears
    2. Click “Add New” in the sub-menu
    3. Enter a post title for your wrapper
    4. Enter any content you want to display above the IDX Broker content
    5. Select the layout you wish to use (left sidebar, right sidebar, no sidebar) in the Layout Settings.
    6. Click the Publish button
    7. Click the “View Post” link at the top of the page to view your Wrapper.
      Note: If you get a 404 error when viewing the post, go to Settings–>Permalinks and save your Permalink settings.
    8. Log into your IDX Broker Dashboard and go to Designs–>Wrappers.
    9. Select “Global” for a default wrapper for all pages, then select “Dynamic”
    10. Enter the URL for the wrapper you created on your site in the “Dynamic URL” field
    11. Click “Save Changes” then click on “Clear Wrapper Cache”
    12. Return to the Dashboard of your site and clear any caches from plugins or hosting provider
    13. Go to Tools->Clear IDX Cache
    14. Your IDX content will now be displayed in the new wrapper.
    15. To create different wrappers for different IDX pages, just create a new Wrapper as above. Then in your IDX Dashboard, under Designs->Wrappers, select “Pages” instead of Global and select the IDX Broker page you want. Click on “Dynamic” and enter your new wrapper URL in the Dynamic URL field and Save.


    The Equity IDX widgets are styled specifically for your Equity theme. Always use the Equity IDX widget instead of the default IDX Broker widget so that the widget displays best on your site

    Equity – IDX City Links

    Equity – IDX Dashboard Widgets

    Equity – IDX Lead Login

    Equity – IDX Lead Signup (Platinum Only)

    Equity – IDX Property Carousel

    Equity – IDX Property Showcase

    Equity – IDX Quick Search

    IDX Cache

    IDX content is cached for up to 24 hours so that pages load faster. Changes to your IDX data won’t be visible on your site until the cache is cleared. Equity includes a feature to clear that IDX cache.

    1. Hover over “Tools” in the left menu until a sub-menu appears
    2. Click “Clear IDX Cache” in the sub-menu
    3. Click the Clear IDX Cache button