Getting Started

After purchase, you should receive an email containing a link to download the theme .zip file. If you did not receive that email, check your spam folder. You can also visit the My Account page and your download is listed in the My API Downloads section. If you are still having trouble, contact us by filling out this form.

If you are currently using a Genesis theme, you must DEACTIVATE ALL GENESIS PLUGINS prior to activating an Equity theme.

Installing Prime Location

  1. Log in to your WordPress site
  2. Hover over the “Appearance” link in the left sidebar until its sub-menu is revealed
  3. In the sub-menu of “Appearance” click “Themes”
  4. At the top of the page click the “Add New” button
  5. At the top, click the “Upload Theme” button
  6. Click “choose file” and select the file you downloaded after purchasing the theme
  7. Click install now, then click “Activate”
The Equity framework must be installed prior to activating the Prime Location theme.

Importing Sample Content

Importing sample content is optional, but may help you understand where things should go. To import sample content including posts, pages, menu items and widgets, you’ll need to extract the theme zip file to your computer. In the folder that is extracted there is an “xml” folder and within that folder are two separate XML files. One for posts, pages, menus, and images, and if not using IDX, sample listings for the WP Listings plugin. You will also find two “wie” files for importing widgets.

file xml file
  • primelocation.basic-content.xml Pages, Posts, Menus, and Images
  • primelocation.listings.xml Listings
  1. Hover over the “Tools” link on the left sidebar to reveal its sub-menu
  2. Click “Import” in the sub-menu of “Tools”
  3. Click “WordPress”
  4. If not already installed, you will need to click the “Install Now” button in the right corner of the pop-up.
  5. Click “Active Plugin & Run Importer”
  6. Click “Choose file”
  7. Select an XML file from within the XML folder
  8. Click “upload file and import”
  9. Select an existing author for “import author”
  10. Check box under “Import Attachments” to “Download and import file attachments”
  11. Click “Submit”
file wie file
  • primelocation-noidx-widgets.wie All widgets using the WP-Listings plugin instead of IDX Broker
  • primelocation-idxbroker-widgets.wie All widgets using IDX Broker widgets
  1. Install and activate the Widget Importer & Exporter plugin
  2. Click “Widget Importer & Exporter” in the sub-menu of “Tools”
  3. Click “Choose File”
  4. Select a .wie file from within the XML folder
  5. Click “Import Widgets”
The no IDX widgets file requires that the WP Listings plugin be installed and activated

Activating IDX features

To activate the IDX features, you must have an IDX Broker account (Lite or Platinum).

Once you have an account, install the IMPress for IDX plugin and enter your IDX API key in the plugin settings. Also, ensure your Equity license key is entered in the Equity > License settings. Congratulations, you now have custom IDX widgets, custom Wrappers, and more.