Theme Settings

Social Links and Contact Info

In the Social Links and Contact Info section of the theme settings page, you can enter URLs to your social accounts and provide other contact information such as your address, phone number, and email. These can then be used with the Shortcodes provided in the theme.

[social_icons] [agent_phone] [agent_email] [agent_address]

Blog Page Template

Included in the Equity Framework is a Blog Page Template. With this you can create a page, assign it to the Blog Page Template, and display your posts on any page. With the theme settings you can control specifically what is displayed on that page.

  • Display which category
  • You can select a specific category to show, or show all categories of posts
  • Exclude the following Category IDs
  • You can exclude specific categories from showing up
  • Number of Posts to Show
  • You can change the number of posts to show on the page at one time, default is 10

Header and Footer Scripts

In this section you can add any javascript code (such as analytics or other tracking code) or HTML. With options for either Header or Footer output.


Under the Appearance > Customize menu in the Dashboard you can modify a number of options including:

Site Title and Tagline

  • Site Title
  • Site Tagline


  • Favicon Image (displayed in the browser tab)
  • Apple Touch Icon (displayed on Apple and Android devices when bookmarked)
  • Custom Image (to upload your own logo)
  • Use Site Title as logo (to use dynamic text in the theme font)


  • Main Menu – Select the menu to display here

Footer Widgets

  • Select the number of footer widgets to use (1 to 4)

Site Layout

  • Choose the default layout for your site: Content-Sidebar, Sidebar-Content, or Full Width
  • Note: You can change the layout on individual posts and pages in the Layout Settings for that post/page

Comments and Trackbacks

Here you can choose the whether to allow comments or trackbacks on posts or pages as default behavior for your site. This can be changed individually by selecting those boxes in the Discussion section of any post or page.

Content Archives

This section controls how archive pages are displayed on your site including:

Post Content
  • Display post content or excerpts
  • Limit content to a number of characters
  • Display the Featured Image
  • Select the Featured Image size
  • Featured Image Alignment
Post Navigation
  • Numeric pagination
  • Previous/Next pagination


Under the Equity > Footer menu item you can edit the Footer Left, Footer Right, and Disclaimer sections. These sections accept shortcodes, including the Equity footer shortcodes of:
[footer_copyright] [footer_loginout]

Custom CSS

Under the Equity > Custom CSS menu item you can add any custom CSS to avoid editing the theme’s stylesheet. This code is added to the database so it is not lost when the theme is updated.