• IDX Account Settings

    3 Lessonsin
    MLS Settings

    Configure these IDX Broker account settings to provide a personalized and effective home search tool.

  • IDX Saved Links

    3 Lessonsin
    Polygon Saved Links

    Saved links (also called saved searches) are crucial to niche marketing. They may it possible to present listings based on location and property characteristics.

  • IDX Search Pages

    4 Lessonsin
    Home Search Preferences

    Modify IDX home search forms to personalize them for specific markets.

  • IDX Results Pages

    2 Lessonsin
    Set Details Preferences

    Tailor the buyer's experience after they submit an IDX home search.

  • Working with Menus

    6 Lessonsin
    WordPress Menus

    Build website navigation using the WordPress Menus system. Create and edit the site's main navigation. Add menus to the footer or homepage.

  • Marketing with the LionDesk CRM

    4 Lessonsin
    Marketing Tab Overview

    Extend marketing efforts while automating through newsletter templates, auto drip campaigns, and text messaging.