• Listings, Listings, I’ve Got Listings

    5 Lessons in

    Your featured properties are something special and should be treated that way on your website. Find out how to showcase those listings with your TurnKey website.

  • Making a Happy Home

    7 Lessons in

    The homepage will be the first experience most visitors have with your website. Make a statement that keeps them on your site longer while they browse deeper.

  • Gadgets and Gadget Holders

    9 Lessons in

    From featured listing carousels to quick search forms, widgets add a lot of value to your site. Find out where you can put widgets and how to use them.

  • Getting Around

    8 Lessons in

    Not only do menus provide a way to navigate your website, they also give a sense of what is available on your site. Create menus that lead to your pages, IDX content, and even external web pages.

  • Searching for Leads

    7 Lessons in

    IDX home search is a major source of leads for a real estate website. Driving visitors to conversion points like signing up for homes by email and saving searches will surely pay off with more potential clients.

  • All About The Inventory

    24 Lessons in

    Searching for something is stressful. Alleviate that stress by customizing your IDX to make finding the right listing easier.

  • Tweak the Customizer

    7 Lessons in

    Personalize your site from a single screen. The Customizer allows you to change site colors, homepage photos, and more.

  • TK101

    19 Lessons in

    Wondering where to start educating yourself on how to use your new TurnKey website? Look no further. This course is the exact primer you need.

  • Agents, Agents, and More Agents

    8 Lessons in

    Part of a team or managing an office? Presenting agents, marketing assistants, escrow coordinators, and mortgage brokers on your site promotes consumer confidence.

  • Playing with Blocks

    9 Lessons in

    Things like buttons, icons, message boxes, and Google Maps are the building blocks of an effective website. Luckily, they are easy to add to your TurnKey website.