WordPress Basics


Creating a New Post

Length: 5 minutes

Writing a blog post is one of the most essential skills to learn. That is how you will generate ongoing content for Google to recommend in search results.

Using the Editor

Length: 6 minutes

If you can use Word, you will feel right at home editing posts and pages in the editor.

WP: Posts vs. Pages

Length: 4 minutes

Posts and pages are the core building blocks of a WordPress website. Learn how they differ and when to use each one.

Editing an Existing Post

Length: 4 minutes

Decide you want to made changes to a blog post on your site? Editing an existing post is a straightforward task.

Creating & Editing Pages

Length: 3 minutes

Once you have mastered creating blog content, you will find adding and modifying pages a breeze.

Categories & Tags

Length: 5 minutes

Organize your blog content using categories and tags. This helps website visitors easily find related content.

Media Library

Length: 4 minutes

The built-in media library keeps your site images organized and readily available to use.

Embedding Video

Length: 4 minutes

WordPress loves video. Add YouTube videos to your pages and posts in a few simple steps.

Adding Photos

Length: 8 minutes

Photos add life to your pages and posts. WordPress allows image insertion with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Creating Links

Length: 4 minutes

Links are the glue that binds the Web. Linking to other pages of your site and to external sites adds depth to your content.

Managing Comments

Length: 6 minutes

Blog comments are how readers engage with your posts. Knowing how to manage those comments can help encourage more engagement.

Adding Widgets

Length: 5 minutes

Widgets are very important to a WordPress website. They make up the website homepage, footer and sidebar.

Managing Users

Length: 4 minutes

WordPress allows for multiple users with different privileges. This makes it great for real estate teams or agents with assistants.


Length: 6 minutes

WordPress has many system settings that make it a very flexible platform.

Useful Tools

Length: 3 minutes

These additional tools will help make managing your WordPress website easier.