Marketing with the LionDesk CRM

Extend marketing efforts while automating through newsletter templates, auto drip campaigns, and text messaging.


Marketing Tab Overview

Length: 12 minutes

Marketing Tab Overview

The Marketing tab in LionDesk is where automated lead and client communication begins. Learn about how templates, autopilot drip campaigns, contact lists, and Text-2-Sell will make you a more efficient real estate agent.

Creating Newsletters

Length: 2 minutes

Newsletter Template

Create a newsletter in LionDesk by importing a favorite MailChimp email template.

Creating Templates

Length: 5 minutes

Creating Templates

Create templates for email campaigns, text messaging, and call scripts using the LionDesk real estate CRM.

Creating Auto Pilot Drip Campaigns

Length: 8 minutes

Creating Drip Campaigns

Automate lead and client communication with auto pilot drip campaigns in the LionDesk real estate CRM. Create your own campaigns including emails, texts, call reminders, and tasks, or choose a campaign from a vast library.