IDX Search Pages

Modify IDX home search forms to personalize them for specific markets.


Advanced Search Fields

Length: 2 minutes

There is a fine line between providing enough search criteria for your visitors to find what they seek and having an overwhelming amount of choices. Learn how to choose which advanced search fields you present on your website.

Custom Location List

Length: 2 minutes

Custom Locations

If you find that the list of cities on your IDX search is overwhelming or irrelevant, you can set up a custom list for use on any of your search pages or search widgets.

Edit Basic Search Fields

Length: 2 minutes

Basic Search

Basic or “core fields” are search fields that appear at the top of your search pages and include options common to all MLS, like city, price, beds and bath, etc. With your IDX Broker account, you can customize the display of these basic fields on your IDX search pages.