Getting Organized with the LionDesk CRM

Manage contacts, tasks, appointments, transactions, and properties using the LionDesk real estate CRM.


Navigating LionDesk

Length: 2 minutes

Navigating LionDesk

Familiarize yourself with the LionDesk real estate CRM admin panel with this brief overview.

Dashboard Overview

Length: 4 minutes

The LionDesk dashboard provides a day-at-a-glance view with daily vitals, current tasks due, contacts slipping away, and recent contact activity.

Contacts Overview

Length: 8 minutes

Contact Management

Add, edit, and organize contacts in LionDesk using the Contacts tab.

Deals Overview

Length: 3 minutes

Transaction Management

Manage your transaction pipeline from the Deals tab within the LionDesk CRM.

Properties Overview

Length: 5 minutes

Properties Tab

Manage listings and transaction follow-up plans from the LionDesk Properties tab.

Communications Overview

Length: 8 minutes

Send emails, schedule future emails, review text messages, and manage videos from the Communications tab in the LionDesk real estate CRM.