Forms That Convert

Use the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin built into every TurnKey website to create all sorts of forms. Create forms and configure the actions taken after a submission to convert web traffic into leads.


Gravity Forms Overview

Length: 7 minutes

Gravity Forms Overview

Take a tour of the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin. Use the plugin to build simple contact forms to more elaborate CMA request forms.

Adding Fields to a Gravity Form

Length: 12 minutes

Adding Fields to Gravity Forms

The Gravity Forms drag-and-drop interface makes building forms easy. Add fields that collect name, email address, phone, and other vital information to following up with that lead.

Configure Form Settings

Length: 2 minutes

Each form created in Gravity Forms has a settings panel to perform tasks like changing the form name or submit button text.

Custom Confirmations After a Form Submission

Length: 3 minutes

Gravity Forms Confirmations

Tailor the visitor’s experience after they submit a form. Show a special message or send them to a specific web page. The visitor is engaged when they complete a form, capitalize on that engagement by presenting additional items of value. 

Email Notifications When a Form is Submitted

Length: 7 minutes

Email Notifications with Gravity Forms

Trigger one or more email messages to be sent when a form is submitted. By default, Gravity Forms sends the website owner an email with all of the information submitted with the form. Additional notifications can be created to share form information with a team member or follow up with the person who submitted the form.

Send Form Submissions to IDX Broker

Length: 2 minutes

IDX Broker Integration with Gravity Forms

Leads captured with a Gravity Form can be automatically added to the IDX Broker lead management system. For those with an office account, each form can be configured to route leads to a specific agent.

Adding a Gravity Form to a Page

Length: 2 minutes

Inserting Gravity Forms

Once a form is ready to publish, adding it to a page is easy using either the default WordPress editor or the TK Designer drag-and-drop page builder.