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Equity Settings

Length: 10 minutes

The Equity Framework includes it’s own settings panel to personalize how your website looks. Learn to add agent contact information, choose page layouts and more.

Equity Menus

Length: 7 minutes

Equity uses the built-in WordPress menu system for site navigation. Learn to build menus and use advanced features like labels and dividers.

Font Awesome Icons

Length: 4 minutes

With over 500 icons to choose from, Font Awesome Icons help you draw attention to specific areas of your webpage.

Flex Video

Length: 4 minutes

Use this shortcode to make your videos mobile responsive.

Social Icons and Agent Info

Length: 7 minutes

Add your contact information and social media profiles once and use them throughout your website.


Length: 7 minutes

Want to make sure website visitors see a link and click on it? Make it into a button using Equity shortcodes.

Icon Boxes

Length: 8 minutes

Add icon boxes using Font Awesome Icons to provide structure to call-out boxes.


Length: 4 minutes

Good real estate specific icons didn’t exist, so we created them and added them to Equity.

Alert Boxes

Length: 6 minutes

Have something that you need visitors to read? Add it to an alert box to draw their attention.


Length: 7 minutes

Organizing your page content into columns can make it easier to read.


Length: 1 minutes

Add shortcodes to your website footer for important links to like your IDX sitemap.

Communities Page Template

Length: 5 minutes

Equity includes a Communities Page Template that will pull all of its child pages and display their featured images and excerpts inside a box.

Equity Widgets

Length: 13 minutes

Equity adds several widgets to your WordPress website. Use these real estate focused widgets on your homepage, sidebar or footer.