Category Listings

  • IDX Lead Management

    9 Lessonsin
    Add a Saved Search to a Lead

    The IDX tools on a real estate agent website are a major source of new leads. Tailor the signup experience for your market to gain more leads. Manage those IDX leads to convert them into clients.

  • MLS Listings On Your Website

    3 Lessonsin
    Widgets and Pages

    Use IDX Broker tools to put area listings on the pages of your site.

  • IDX Overview

    4 Lessonsin
    What is IDX

    Gain a general understanding of what IDX home search is and how it works.

  • Featured Properties

    6 Lessonsin
    Import Listings from the MLS

    Display your or your team's listings on your website. Showcase those listings in a homepage slideshow. Make listing pages look like single property websites. All in the effort to find a buyer and impress the seller.

  • IDX Account Settings

    3 Lessonsin
    MLS Settings

    Configure these IDX Broker account settings to provide a personalized and effective home search tool.

  • IDX Results Pages

    2 Lessonsin
    Set Details Preferences

    Tailor the buyer's experience after they submit an IDX home search.