Get Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles now with your TurnKey site

Get Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles now with your TurnKey site

Since the release of TurnKey 2.0 just over a month ago, we’ve been steadily working on new features and functionality for TurnKey sites. In our latest 2.1 update, we’ve added support for some of the most talked about recent developments of the mobile web: Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles.

Google AMP

One of the biggest movements in search engine discoverability is the introduction of AMP – which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a Google-backed project, designed as an open standard for any publisher to have pages load quickly on mobile devices. Google has recently begun showcasing articles that are AMP-enabled at the top of mobile search results pages.

By now adding AMP to your TurnKey site, we’re giving you that extra SEO edge you need to reach the top of search results pages with your content and listings. If you’re already on TurnKey 2.0, we’ve enabled AMP for your site and it requires no additional configuration. However, you may want to customize how your AMP pages look which we’ve covered for you here: Google AMP Setup

Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook-instantSimilar to Google AMP, Facebook has rolled out a similar type of alternative publishing called Instant Articles. All in the name of speed, when sharing an article from your site to your business Facebook page, your readers will be presented with your content without having to wait for a full website to load. To demonstrate how this can make an impact on your traffic, vice chairman Dan Check at Slate offered this:

We had one of our best traffic months ever this past month, and we think that Instant Articles played a role in that, either by bringing more people into the Instant Articles or by shares that were generated off of them. We see this as being a really good way to grow the total size of our audience.

via Why not be all the way in?” How publishers are using Facebook Instant Articles

Same as with Google AMP, we’ve added this functionality to your TurnKey site already. However, since it’s tied to a Facebook business page, there are some additional setup steps to be completed by the page owner – which we’ve detailed for you in this knowledge base article: Facebook Instant Articles Setup

And that’s not all we’ve added…

Google Analytics

Analytics-dashboardWe’ve also added a slick new Google Analytics widget to view your site traffic right from your TurnKey Dashboard. If you already have Google Analytics setup for your site, there is a one-time setup required, and the instructions are included when you first use the widget.

If you don’t have Google Analytics already for your site, sign up for an account, then contact us to have it installed on your TurnKey site.

All of these new features are only available to customers currently with TurnKey 2.0. If you don’t yet have TurnKey 2.0, our team will be in touch over the coming days and weeks to get your site migrated.

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